Set up let’s encrypt ssl for your domain with dedicated ip for centos 7

In this article, we will learn how to set up an SSL certificate from Let’s encrypt for your domain.
Please note that you must need a dedicated server/VPS for this. As shared hosting is not supported.

Since Let’s encrypt is still in beta version. I would suggest you not to try this in your production server as it might break your production servers. Thus you can test in your testing server anytime you want.

The following are the steps mentioned below:

  1. Install git

Yum install git

2. Install epel repo if not present

Yum install epel-release

Now let us clone the github repository of Let’s encrypt

cd /root/

git clone

This will retrieve all the latest scripts from the repo to your server. You can find all these under /root/letsencrypt folder.

NOw cd to go to letsencrypt directory

cd letsencrypt

Finally Run the auto installer


This script will install all the necessary modules and depends upon the ram of your server which defines how long will it take genearlly.

Once it is done you will get the screen congratulating your domain is now into https as shown below:


Now if you can check your domain to confirm whether or not it is now ssl.


Above you can see the domain is now ssl with https.

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