How to set up and use minicom on linux

So if you are a linux user and you need to configure cisco/juniper devices then you might be wondering how to do it. Thus, minicom will be in handy so i have decided to show you how to use minicom to cinfigure juniper/cisco devices.

Here is how to download, setup and install minicom on ubuntu to be ready for the use.

First you need to download minicom

you need to execute the command

sudo apt-get install minicom


After it has been successfully installed it is time to find out the name of your serial port which can be done by simply executing the command given below:

dmesg | grep tty

This will bring all the port that are used to connect to outside the  terminal

Now it is time to configure minicom after it has been installed and you know your your terminal for your serial port

Execute the given command below:

sudo minicom -s

After you have this command you have to follow the steps given below:

  1. Press A and change the serial device to the one you saw in the previous step “for example:/dev/USB0
  2. you have to change the flow control to “NO
  3. Finally and most importantly dont forget to change your baud rate to “9600” by pressing E.


Finally press Esc button to go back to main menu, Ensure you save all the configuration as dfl for default or you can give the name by choosing save as with name you will choose.

for example you can write juniper to save as so that next time you can simply type sudo minicom juniper to access juniper switch/router. but make sure your console cable is connected between router/switch to your ubuntu machine.

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